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Thursday, July 14th, 2005
2:16 pm

Monday, July 11th, 2005
3:16 am - Promo

I'm not sure if this is allowed.. If it isn't, I'm sorry for posting it, and the mods can delete it.

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Saturday, March 12th, 2005
8:39 pm - PROMOTE

Okay, we are getting more posts, but I need you all to PROMOTE! Please PROMOTE us to other communities and to your friends as well.

We all need to start being more active as well, so please please be active.

Also, got a new layout thanks to oxforever_yours!

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4:40 pm

Well, I sure have a rant about a friend.

There is this concert I have been planning to go to with my best friend since December.

Since its a local concert and not some really huge band you just buy the tickets at the door. Well I called her this morning to find out what time she wants to do this and she says, "We have a little bit of a problem, M's (her boyfriend) parents made reservations for us to go to dinner tonight."

So she told me she would call me when she found out whats going on. I hate being left in the dark cause I HATE not knowing whats going on ... so I called her like 2 hours later and left a voice mail. So I then called her back because she never answers if you call once, and she told me, "Look, I told you I would call when I found out ... and you sounded all but hurt on your message."

Well wouldn't you be?!?! Am I not allowed to be or something? I'm just really pissed off at her ... I mean, we never hang out anymore now that shes going out with this guy, she goes over to his place every day after work and I never seen her, I get maybe a 10 minute phone call on her way home ... now not even that anymore.

Whatever, if she wants to go move in with this guy after only 2 weeks and lie to her parents about his age, she can go right ahead. I am sick of being the one trying to give her advice and tell her that shes making bad choices.


So if she backs out on this damn concert, I wont be talking to her for a while.

I'll be but hurt, so what, I'm allowed to be.


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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
8:22 pm
___unknown Ok, so tell me if i'm over reacting. I have lunch with my best friend "Angela" twice every other week because of our schedules at school. We always sit together. Well, now she's been been ditching me to sit with her friends that our juniors/seniors (we're freshman) from her basketball team. She doesn't even invite me to come with her! When her friend (that i'm OK friends with also - i met her about 2 months ago) suggest they sit with them she's all for it and tells me she's sitting with them and leaves me to find some one else to sit with. We have been best friends for like 10 years. She never acts weird and always talks to me at school and never acts like she gets sick of me but I'm really starting to resent this other girl who always convinces her to ditch me and sit with their friends from bball. She knows that me and Angela have been best friends for like ever. Has this happened to anyone else?
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5:09 pm - Suckyness.

Okay, here is my story, I want your opinions on it, please XD

So, I have this guy friend. Some of my friends on LJ know him so we'll call him Larry. Okay, so Larry and I have been friends for OVER a year. We've talked about everything, he knows me and I know him. I've listened to him cry over his exgirlfriend and listened to him bitch about her. We've had conversations for over 4 hours at a time. I really felt a closeness to him that I hadn't felt in a long time. He knows most of my secrets. He just knows me.

We've never gone out or anything, though we have talked about doing things..(like..you know..THINGS..) and talked about if we ever got together but it never went past phone sex XD How lame is that?

So, he gets this new girlfriend a few months ago. We'll call her Slutface. So, slutface has NEVER MET ME. Larry decided to tell her that we've talked about getting together, having sex, and that we've had phone sex. He also told her how I've "stolen" men from their girlfriends IN THE PAST (I'm now getting married).

So, slutface decides she doesn't like me and doesn't want Larry talking to me anymore.

Me and him talked almost EVERY DAY. We went down to once a week. I emailed him, he emailed me. Now, I don't ever hear from him. I've talked to him ONCE and he basically hung up on me because she walked in. He was like "gotta go bye".

Now, he HAS a past on cheating on his girlfriends, but I mean, that was his PAST. He really likes this girl and has NEVER cheated on her (they've been going out for 6 months now).

I'M GETTING MARRIED. I have no intrest in him at all. She doesn't seem to care. She doesn't want him talking to me - at all -.

Okay, my question is, who does this bitch think she is? How dare he let her run him like that. GOD IHATE WOMEN LIKE THAT.

So, tell me what you think...


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Friday, March 4th, 2005
10:15 pm

This community seems cool...lol. I have so many rants I have to say about my friends, and they probably are gonna think I'm a backstabber when I say all this crap about them but oh well they piss me off! That's what the "end" in "friend" is for, right?

Soooo I'm gonna start ranting. One of my best friends has some serious issues because she will not shut up about this guy she likes. Let's call her P. Okay, a lot of people tell me she lies to impress me and blah blah blah and that pisses me off. She is so obsessed with herself. I have another friend, let's call her B, and she gets pissed off really easily, so I'm afraid to even talk to her. I have another friend, let's call her T, and I let her borrow my pants one day for Schnazzy Day and she never gave them back to me. I think she stole them. I don't even want to confront her about it because she'll probably take it the wrong way.

Well, anyway, that's enough ranting for today! Cya!

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9:43 pm - ::Updates::

Okay I now have 2 Mod's so that possition is closed.

Again, to clarify, friends4never and slayer_buffy66 are the SAME. So, if I reply to you in either name, it's the same person? Got it? ^_^

I still need a graphics maker. Someone who can make banners and do overrides so I can get a decent layout up!

Post if interested!

(Also: The person who is a Graphics Maker would also be a Mod, but I need someone with GOOD graphic skills!)

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6:59 pm - Hello!

Hey everyone,

This is a BRAND new community, started by mwah, Buffy! Yes I know it says friends4never is the owner, but that is me, see I am retarded and I didn't remember how to start so apparently I tried to start one as friends4never..and you see how it went ^_~

As you can read, this is a community where you can rant about something a best friend (or friend in general) did to piss you off. You can curse, and say whatever you want! I really want to keep up with this community, but I might need some help..so here is what I am looking for:

1 Other Mod
Someone who is online a lot and has free time. They keep up with the people joining and take over the community when I leave the online world for a few days, weeks, etc.

1 Graphic Maker
I need someone with GOOD graphic skills that can made a layout and some banners for this community.

If you feel you can do these thigns, reply and tell me!

Thanks you to all and don't forget to promote! Thanks!

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